School Information


    Nisley Supply List 2020-2021


    • 1 Pencil Pouch
    • 1 Bx Pencils ( 12Ct.)
    • 2 Bx Crayons (24 Ct.)
    • 4 Elmer Glue Sticks
    • 1 Primary Comp Notebook ( Lines With Picture Box)
    • 3 Bxs Of Black Expo Markers
    • 2 Bxs Of Kleenex
    • 1 Backpack
    • 2 Plastic Folders With Pockets

    Please Label All Materials With Childs First And Last Name



    • 8-12 Glue Sticks
    • 4 Large Black Expo Markers
    • Kleenex
    • 2 Bxs Of Crayons
    • 3 Wide Ruled Comp Notebooks ( Please Put Students Names On Them)
    • 1 Pack Of Pink Erasers
    • 12 Pack Of Yellow Pencils
    • Pencil Pouch ( With Students Name)
    • Plastic Folder With Pockets ( With Child’s Name)
    • 1 Box Of Gallon Ziploc (Girls)
    • 1 Box Of Sandwich Size Ziplocs ( Boys)




    • 1 - Pencil Box
    • 1 - Pack Of 24 Pencils
    • 1 - Pack Of Colored Pens (Anything But Black)
    • 1 - Bottle Of Liquid Elmer's Glue
    • 2 - Boxes Of Crayons
    • 2 - Packs Of Colored Pencils
    • 5 - Folders With Prongs - 5 Different Colors/Designs
    • 1 - Spiral Notebook
    • 1 - Pack Of Expo Markers With Fine Tip
    • 2 - Boxes Of Tissues
    • 1 - Box Of Gallon-Sized Ziplocs Bags
    • 2 - Boxes Of Sandwich Sized Ziplocs Bags



    • 4 One Subject Spiral Notebooks
    • 4 Plastic Folders With Brads
    • 48 #2 Pencils(Ticonderoga Preferred)
    • 2 Boxes Crayons 24 Ct Each (Crayola)
    • 1 Crayola Classic Broad Line Markers, 10 Count
    • 1 Pack Colored Pencils
    • 4 Black Chisel Tip Expo Dry Erase Markers
    • 2 Pink Erasers
    • 2 Glue Sticks
    • Package Of Unlined Index Cards
    • 2 Boxes Facial Tissue



    • 2 (20pk) Pencils
    • 2 (24 Pk) Crayons
    • 1 School Supply Box
    • 6 Glues Sticks
    • 5 Pocket Folders
    • 9 Pink Erasers
    • 1 Scissors
    • 1 Pk Loose Leaf – Wide Ruled Paper
    • 2 Bxs Tissues
    • 4 Highlighters ( Any Colors)
    • 6 Comp Notebooks ( Wide Ruled)
    • 3 Pens Any Color



    • 2 24 Packs Of #2 Pencils
    • 1 12 Count Box Of Colored Pencils
    • 2 Erasers
    • 1 Pair Of Scissors
    • 8 Glue Sticks
    • 2 Packages Of College Ruled Notebook Paper
    • 2 Large Boxes Of Facial Tissue
    • 4 Two Pocket Folders (1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue)
    • 4 Composition Notebooks
    • 4 Highlighters
    • 1 Pencil Pouch Or Box


  • Check out our Nisley PTO:
  • Schools are closed until April 30th and Students are to return on May 1st. 
  • Please watch for emails for updates as we get more information

Dear Nisley Families,

I want to thank you for your patience as we navigate this unfamiliar territory with the ever changing COVID-19 situation. I recognize that school will not be able to run the same as it was before moving to remote setup, and the Nisley staff will do their best to continue to deliver effective educational experiences to your student(s). 
Staff will be preparing remote learning experiences the week of March 23-March 27. Lessons will begin March 30. Nisley will be utilizing Google Classroom which is accessible through ClassLink.  Your classroom teacher(s) and specialist(s) will be emailing classroom codes to you before lessons begin.  The following links will help support you with Classlink and Google Classroom.  
Parent Classlink (see attachment)
Elementary learners will be provided with a minimum of three lessons in literacy and math per week. Lessons will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by 10:00 am.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, all students can now access Dreambox (math program) and Lexia (individualized reading program) with a weekly goal of 60 minutes on each program.  Both programs are links available on your student's Classlink page. 
Should our district need to close for a longer period of time, weekly/daily lesson delivery needs may be increased. Teachers and specialists will continue to make certain all accommodations are provided for students based on their Individual Educational Plans, 504s, and Advanced Learning Plans. 
Chromebooks will be available for checkout at Nisley on Tuesday, March 24th  (see specific times below).  If you have a device available at home, it is not necessary to check out a Chromebook, you can access Classlink from any device.   Chromebook checkout will be curbside pick up.  Please use the drop off lane from Texas Ave.  Parents will need to have a valid ID along with a completed Chromebook Checkout Policy . Copies of the policy will be available Monday afternoon (in envelope posted on main office doors) and at time of check out.  If your student(s) need access to the building to pick up any items for remote learning, you will need to park your car and enter the building through the main office.  Students will be escorted by school personnel and need to retrieve what they need in a timely manner.  We ask you to limit the number of people in the front office area to five people.  This will help us reach our goal of not having a large number of people socializing in one area. 

Chromebook Checkout Times on Tuesday, March 24th
Last Names A-L   9:00-12:00
Last Names M-Z  12:30-3:30
Medication pick 9:00 - 3:30
If you are unable to come to Nisley during Chromebook Checkout due to transportation, but need access to a device, please call Nisley's main office between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 am on March 24th at 254-5900. Since the Nisley school building will be closed to the public after March 24th, we ask that if you have any questions about remote learning, your classroom teacher(s) be your first point of contact.  Each teacher will let you know how you can best communicate with them.  Again, thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. 
Best wishes, 
Dorothy Wolf
Nisley Elementary